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Kfc Case Essay

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A Campaign against KFC Corporation
Answer 1
I support PETA in this controversy because animals are living; sentient beings capable of suffering and their interest are entitled to equal consideration to human beings. Everyday around the world animals are fighting for their lives. No matter what the nature of the being, the principle of equality requires that its suffering be counted equally with the like suffering of any other being. I support PETA because it has more than 1.2 million members and supporters and is the largest animal rights organization in the world. KFC does not raise the chicken but buys them from independent companies in the poultry processing industry. Every year the 750 million chickens raised for KFC suffer from electric shock and then exposed to mechanical blades that slit their throats. These chickens also suffer from crowding or cackling, aggressive or passive postures, spacing, and running away from rivals. Weaker animals have no place to hide and may be assaulted repeatedly until they die. All these lead to animal torturing and eventually KFC is the largest buyer of these chickens. KFC has a powerful brand image and PETA can use its market power to influence growers to stop the abuse of chickens.
Answer 4
Some of the PETA’s actions are acceptable but not the all the actions because it leads to controversy. When Yum! Brands CEO appeared at the opening of a restaurant in Germany, two activists doused him with fake blood and feathers and it created a controversy. Some other tactics are free use of sexuality to make its message attractive and to protest pictures of women wearing fur in Vogue magazine, activists went to the chic Manhattan restaurant where its editor was having lunch and threw a dad raccoon on her plate. All these kind of tactics used by PETA are unethical because they are attacking on people personally and also violating the laws. The power sources in campaign is celebrity musician Chrissie Hynde who stormed into a busy KFC...

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