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Keyloggs Essay

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Business & Management Class
23 Eylül 2010 Perşembe
Kellogg's Case Study Questions
1)Name the three sectors of the supply chain. On what occasions could certain sections of-the primary sector operate as retailers?
The three sector of Kellogg’s supply chain are primary (extractive), secondary (manufacturing) and tertiary sector. Some raw material sections of the primary sector could operate as retailers. For example coal can be sold to power stations. In addition oil, wheat and corn can also be sold individually in order to act as retailers.
2) Give three examples of how Kellogg’s demonstrates good supply chain management.How can Kellogg’s make improvements both for its business and for the environment?
Kellogg’s uses a range of agencies and departments for research, quality, purchasing, sales, transport and distribution to manage the supply chain more effectively. It tries to manufacture the right products by doing a research on customer needs. The company also focuses on cost-effective systems in order to ensure that its prices are competitive. Another management of Kellogg’s supply chain is that it works with retailers to improve promotion of its products. Kellogg’s can make improvements for its business and also for the environment by focusing even more on its production methods to increase their outcomes and to reduce the produced waste from the production process that is harmful for the environment.
3)Why is it important for Kellogg’s to build good relationships with businesses in the tertiary sector?
Building good relationships with businesses in the tertiary sector makes it easier for the business to focus more efficiently on its specialist are which is to manufacture cereals and other food products. As an example, Kellogg’s works with Kimberler Clark to get transportation. This results in a decrease in Kellogg’s distribution costs thus makes its products more competitive. Evenmore, relationships with other businesses also helps to reduce the...

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