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Key Educational Reform Essay

  • Submitted by: shizza
  • on March 18, 2012
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Key Educational Reform |
Teacher Training |
Shizza Khan |
12/31/2011 |

Q. What is the one key educational reform that needs to be carried out in Pakistan, and how do you propose to implement your ideas? 

The pivotal role of the teacher in the entire process of education cannot be stressed enough. The training and preparation of the teacher should be of the highest priority since he /she has the responsibility of nation building. For that the profession demands a clear set of goals, love for profession and obviously the more favourable attitude towards the profession.
Unfortunately the teaching profession holds a very insignificant reputation in Pakistan. It is a profession where neither the pay structure is attractive nor is the profession structured properly itself. Teachers consist mostly of Women who view it as a ‘safe’ environment where their interaction is limited to children and other women and because it allows them to balance their responsibilities as homemakers. Men on the other hand view it as a profession to turn to when all else fails
However, there remain many challenges in the area of teacher training, most notably, the lack of adequate programs, as well as the flawed curriculum of some of these programs.
Also flawed is the teacher recruitment process in Pakistan. This is simply because teaching jobs are favored due to the negligence of the entry requirements, and partly because the teachers’ performance, is difficult to monitor. Induction programmes for new trainings bear no importance, whereas in theory they should receive In service training every five years regardless of whether the training is donor funded or not. In this respect there is no way to gauge the teachers ’understanding of subject matter or in their practice, an issue not yet studied in Pakistan.
Even the teachers instructional styles haven’t evolve in Pakistan. The primary or secondary school teacher is still found reading aloud the text asking students...

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