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Keller Organizational Behavior Midterm Q&a Essay

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1. Question : (TCO A) Contrast the mindset of management under total quality and more traditional management structures with respect to employees, manufacturing, and leadership.

Manufacturing: Traditional quality systems in manufacturing focus primarily on technical issues such as inspection, defect prevention, equipment reliability, and process control. On the other hand total quality in manufacturing provides system perspective, one of the most important elements of total quality.
Total quality is evident in customer-driven organization, in many areas, such as product design, workforce management, and supplier relations.
Employees: Total quality approach understands the simple fact that when job satisfaction is high, the quality of work (service) will also be high. Empowerment of employees in all areas: training, responsibilities, wage is a huge component of management under total quality.   Employees under more traditional management receive minimal training, little decision-making authority
Leadership: Management under total quality is based on constant studying and improving the quality of the process for which she/he is responsible; every manager is a quality manager. Sometimes “quality assurance department” plays an important role in assisting manager in statistical tests or data analysis.

2. Question : (TCO B) Explain each of the following statements as they apply to modern quality management.

3. Question : (TCO A) Describe the relationship between quality and personal values.

Personal initiative has a positive impact on business success
Quality begins with personal attitudes
Quality-focused individuals often exceed customer expectations
Attitudes can be changed through awareness and effort (e.g., personal quality checklists

4. Question : (TCO H) Identify and discuss five differences between service and manufacturing organizations.

1. Customer needs and performance standards are often difficult to identify and measure,...

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