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Kayla Essay

  • Submitted by: krausmann90
  • on March 17, 2012
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Written Assignment #1
Eileen: Eileen is an amazing little girl. She is very quiet but once you get to know her she will talk your ear off. She loves to read. I am only in the class for an hour and half and her and I will sit in the library and read for at least half an hour everyday that im there. She will never let me read to her but instead we will sit side by side and each read our own books. If I ever do read to her she will just fold the book up in my hand and get her own book off the shelf.  
Dagmawit: Dagmawit is the complete opposite of Eileen. She is always talking. Dagmawit and I were always singing songs. She is the very first child to show uo in the Sticky Bear classroom every morning. I would turn on the radio and we would sit on the carpet and sing, some times she would even get up and dance. Dagmawit and I connected really well during these mornings because sometimes she taught me things. She knew hand motions and movements to songs that I have never heard before and I let her teach me. She loved being the teacher and being in control.
EJ: EJ is one of the younger twos. If doesn’t have a lot of communication skills but he is very smart. They have computer in the two’s classroom. It has this preschool learning game on it with different activites. EJ and I sat at the computer playing different activites for about twenty minutes. I would help him move the computer mouse around he would point to objects on the screen and try to pronouce them. I love hearing him say all the new words that he is learning and I love being a part of that.
I only really connected with these three children because they are there in the morning when im there and all the rest of the children arrive only a few minutes before I leave.

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