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Justice Systems Essay

  • Submitted by: jarred7764
  • on February 26, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Justice System Position Paper
Jarred Burns
Introduction to Juvenile Justice System
Andrea Jones

I feel that the juvenile justice system should be based and focused on rehabilitation.   To me this makes the most sense when dealing with juveniles rather than just punishing them. Because just punishing a juvenile and not explaining, what they did wrong and why it was wrong is not the right way to go about it. I will explain my reasoning’s in this paper.
The juvenile justice system in my opinion should include more rehabilitation than just punishing these kids. I am not arguing that there should not be any punishment when children commit crimes or break. But there needs to be a bigger influence on rehabilitation. When offering a rehabilitation program in place of a prison sentence. It gives juveniles a chance to turn their lives around for the better. It also can allow for a cheaper long-term alternative to prison. While rehabilitation may seem expensive at the start it can in turn be cheaper if the offender stay out of trouble after rehab. While most rehabilitation programs will work for most juveniles. Not all programs will work for some juveniles and will require changes to them. Which is worth it if you want to see a child get better. The juvenile justice system would do society a huge favor by incorporating rehabilitation programs into how they handle juveniles. I know that they do that all ready but there needs to be a larger presence. Whether it is after school programs to keep children out of trouble or programs to help them once they are in trouble to stay out of it this should be done. The juvenile justice system needs to understand that you cannot just place a youth in a cell and shut the door. You need to do something with them to help them understand why they are in trouble. So this is the reason that rehabilitation is the way to go. This way we as a society we can get better more productive people back into our society. Parents and or...

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