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Justice Essay

  • Submitted by: estef1414
  • on March 26, 2014
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Estefani Vazquez
Professor James
English 50
November 24, 2013
Racial Justice
Is it right to judge others; to think that you are better than other people because of your race? Racial injustice has been going on for many centuries.   Racial injustice affected many people. During 1960s, Martin Luther king Jr., an American civil rights leader, went to Birmingham to resolve the issues that was taking place. King fought against injustice in non-violent ways by advocating the rights of African-Americans. Conversely, Brent Staples, psychologist and columnist, accepts the fact that racial injustice is taking place and lets injustice take over him but does nothing to change it. Both King and Staples are authors from different eras who were victims of racial injustice. They both experienced racial injustice in different forms and different ways. King confronted racial injustice to make a difference for him and African-Americans. Both King and Staples are affected by the violence taken place as a result of racial injustice.
To begin with, racial injustice can take place in different forms because of the different time eras. King was part of an era where segregation was at its peak. King justifies that “time itself is neutral; it can be used either destructively or constructively (212).” King wants the clergymen to see that what they are doing is unjust. While Staples was born into segregation, he did not experience it. However during his time white folks were still not accustom to the fact that African-American were to be treated as equals. In the mid-1950s the U.S Supreme Court declared the “separate but equal” doctrine. African-Americans still felt unwelcomed and frightened. The doctrine still didn’t change how many white people acted. Not until the mid-1960s the Civil Rights Act went into action and declared segregation unconstitutional which brought segregation closer to an end, however it still remained in the South. Ultimately, racial injustice has lessened...

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