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Jung’s Theories Of Personality Questionnaire Resul Essay

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  • on March 17, 2012
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As human being, there are forms of connection and commonality we may have between each other.   Is it safe to say that if we have one or the other, does it mean that we share the same personality traits?   Researchers have tried to establish this by biological inheritance and environmental factors in human development (Schaefer, R. 2009).   This is to see how it shapes and/or affects our personality.  
Jung Typology test is design to connected or group those who have commonality together.   Some healthcare and organization used this test.   Nevertheless, I am not sure as to how accuracy this test would be in determining one personality.   Before giving you my point of view and results concerning the questionnaire, I have provided you with a little background information on the creator and designer of the Jung test and their reasoning/purpose behind developing the test.  
Katherine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers is the developer of Jung Typology Test these two women had the imagination, gift and drive to stay focus on their mission on how you can predict an individual personality.   Katherine Cook Briggs originally created this gage (Type Indicator) to understand human development and to discover the keys that would enable each individual to reach his or her full potential (Saunders, Frances W.).  
However, does that mean that a “Yes or No” questionnaire test determines our personality along with putting us in a certain group together because we score the same on the test?   Does this mean we have the same personality or that we react to the same situation?   For example, two of my friends went through a bad divorce and one personality change completely and the other one stay the same.   We are dealing with two different people in the same situation (something in common) (divorce), but different personalities.   Moreover, a behavior could not predict ones personality in a single situation (Myers, D. 2010).    
After taking the 72-questionsarie test, I...

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