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Jumping Spider Essay

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The jumping spider we found was Spinibarbis, it is from the genus of Servaea, family Salticidae, in the order Araneae, and in the class of Arachnida. It belonging to the Arthropoda Phylum and in the Animalia Kingdom. which is the common name of the family. There are around 4,000 described species for the jumping spider alone making it the largest of all other spider species. Spinibarbis is generally found in Australia. The jumping spider averages at about 2 cm in length, and the female spider is typically larger than the male. Male often had a different appearance from females as well. They are fuzzy and stocky. Jumping spider had an average in length of 3-15 mm. Jumping spiders are small and scrappy carnivores. Salticids can run, climb, and jump. Jumping spiders could accomplish to traverse distances of approximate 43 times their own length during the jump. No other animal can jump that far compared to its own size. Like most other spiders, have eight eyes. On its face, a jumping spider has four eyes with an enormous pair in the center and their eight eyes are arranged in 3 rows of 4-2-2. They have the most acute eyesight among spiders as the spatial accuracy of Jumping spider's eyes is approaching that of large mammals. The brain of a jumping spider includes a comparatively large region for visual processing. It provided excellent colour vision and high degree of resolution. Their eyes have a 360 degree eyesight, this allowed them to noticed their prey from 30-40 cm away. They have moving retina in their eyes that allow them to look around and focus on a target. They also have tetrachromatic vision, allowing them to see into the ultraviolet. Jumping spiders also breathe air in a special way, as they have a bimodal breathing system, where they depend on both a tracheal system and traditional book lungs. Jumping spiders are found all around the world with variety of habitats and same as fruit flies, they usually found in tropical. The smaller spiders are often...

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