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Judaism Essay

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  • on August 30, 2013
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The Development

Of Judaism

May.27, 2009

1. The first king was Saul. God granted him as king because of the growing threat

from the Philistines. Saul was then succeeded by David. When David was in kingship

it marked the high point of Jewish imperial history. David won many battles and

established Jerusalem as the capital city. David’s son Solomon was the next king.

Solomon built a temple for worship with has stayed in the faith for a millennium.

After Salmons death the kingdom broke up.

2.   In 921 BCE the northern tribes split from the southern tribes taking the name

Isreal. The southern tribes then centered around Jerusalem. The time of kings was

coming to an end.

3. According to Judaism a prophet is a person who receives a message God and

delivers it to God’s people. The message the prophet speaks belongs to God and they

act as the messenger.

4. The first military conquest that dramatically altered Jewish independence was in

721 BCE when the Assyrians invaded and captured Israel. The soldiers didn’t just

take the land but also evicted many of Israel’s citizens. The second military conquest

was in 586 BCE, the Babylonian invaders captured Judah the destroyed Solomon’s

temple in Jerusalem.   Ten thousand Jewish leaders were captured and sent into exile

in Babylon. This event is called The Exile. These events affected the Hebrews greatly

because it impacted how they could worship. With the temple destroyed people

needed a new way to honour God. This started the tradition of rabbis. Rabbis taught

scripture and spoke of the Bible. I believe the exile strengthened the Jewish faith.


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