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Journal Paper

  • Submitted by: nayabrazzle
  • on March 26, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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Denaya Brazzle
CTAC 485
Journal Article Assignment-Part 3

An Evaluation of each article
Through my experience of reading and summarizing these two articles I learned a lot of different things along with thinking differently about certain situations. With that being said I started my summaries with the Expectancy Violations Theory, which out of the two articles was my least favorite. What I liked most about this theory was how it applied to me personally simply because I am currently experiencing disclosure with my professors and coaches, not knowing when I am appropriately or inappropriately violating their expectations. This theory has helped me cope and understand how to utilize disclosure in my everyday life, and how it affects others and me positively or negatively. What I disliked most about this article was the lack or relativeness, meaning I feel that the researchers could have explained the theory a little more real life using real people and real life situations so that others can compare or relate that to their lives.
What I perceive to be the weakness of this article is not thinking it through all the way for example with randomly assigning the online survey what if the internet was down and they couldn’t complete it, what would be the next step to go through with the research? The strengths of this article I would say is the connection it brings with the reader and how it zeros in on the classroom setting and link between the students and instructors. It’s a great article for college student, to understand and know how instructors think and view certain behaviors and vice versa.  
The second article I summarized was the Relational dialectics Theory which so happened to be my favorite out of the two, because it was more relative and used differently families and helped me understand how families think and feel about in-laws. I can personally relate because I was a daughter in-law, my mother got remarried to my step-father now that I read this...

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