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Journal Article Review of

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The debate about the age of the earth and its origins continue to be a hot topic among the scientific community. While many from the scientific community continue to make assertions that the earth is millions or billions of years old the reality is that there is no concrete scientific proof of back those claims. The East Africa’s Great Rift Valley article has been written from an old earth view point. The authors use extensive geographic knowledge to help propagate the idea of old earth theory. I will seek to extrapolate the strengths of the article while also pointing out the weaknesses of the article and the theories associated with old earth scientific position. I will additionally seek to make assertions that will show young earth creationism as being a valid consideration when looking scientifically at the “East African Great Rift Valley”.
I. Overview and Main Points
In this article authors James Wood and Alex Guth both respected leaders and teachers in their respective fields attempt to explain what the East Africa Rift System is, where the rift originated from, the rifts geographical location, and it’s geological significance. Wood and Guth go into great detail to explain the concept of how “continental rifting” occurs. While these two geologists have very detailed hypothesizes about how and why these geological phenomenons have occurred they also admit that there isn’t consensus among the scientific community about their origination.   The authors point out that the geological anomaly of these continental rifts are a scientists dream come true providing an intersection for several geological spectacles in one place on earth. Guth and Wood attempt to answer the most logical question that arises when one see’s these geological enigmas, the question of where did they come from.   The authors detail that “one popular model for the EARS assumes that elevated heat flow from the mantle (strictly the asthenosphere) is causing a pair of thermal "bulges" in central...

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