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Journal Essay

  • Submitted by: gtadeo
  • on March 18, 2012
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The journey of Christopher Johnson McCandless was a tragic but very eventful series of events that showed us the meaning of life, a persons strength and will to conquer nature, find themselves along with their purpose in life, and how he changed the life’s of the people he came across while journeying to Alaska across the entire country touching the hearts of each person. The difference between this novel and the film, “Into The Wild”, is that as they both go into detail on Christopher’s life, each one has its own in depth   part of his life and each event that he wrote about before his tragic death, they are not the same parts of his life between the two. I feel that by watching both the movie and reading the novel you get a better understanding for who Christopher was and also why he did the things he did before he was found desist on August 18, 1992.
The novel starts off with “Alex” and Gallian meeting up and Gallian offering to give “Alex” a ride to the boarder of the northern Alaska with little conversation between the two at first but they both start to talk somewhat and figure what they have in common and why “Alex”’ is going out to the wilderness without any experience or past knowledge of this harsh wilderness, that many have tried to conquer but failed by simple mistakes that even the greatest and most experienced wilderness people could over look, But the movie has them start off as Gallian is dropping off “Alex” at the end of the boarder wishing him a good luck and hope that he survives the harsh wilderness. In the novel “Alex” also is portrayed as not having too many items of clothes or any other type equipment other than a rifle, hunting knife, and a twenty pound sack of rice, but “Alex” is shown as having more than enough possessions to survive out in the harsh wilderness and also having a larger backpack and clothes. Throughout the Novel the author talks about how “Alex” had a camera and would take pictures of his travels like when he exited...

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