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John Essay

  • Submitted by: cocoluli
  • on March 18, 2012
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The howls of the wind were spreading across the air as if it were racing to get to the most important meeting. Kevin was sitting on a brown, wooden bench out on the porch. He was sitting on it with one leg crossing over to the other. Kevin’s eyes kept on glaring at an owl with a definite stare looking back at him. His dirty blonde hair was being brushed back by the wind. The trees were tilted to the right of the farm. The leaves laid on top of the red, dust roof.
Thirty minutes past by with complete silence, but of course, something just had to ruin the silence.
“John!” Kevin called.
“Yes father!” replied John.
“Get a damp, white cloth and and wash all of the windows of the farm!” shouted his father. John came running to the porch with a laundry basket in his hands.
“It is eleven p.m.!   I am already doing your laundry! I still need to do my homework, study for my test and get some rest for the exam that the whole school is going to take!” complained John.
“Are you arguing with me!” howled Kevin.
“Sorry father,” replied John.
“You better be sorry! Now get back to your work!”
“This whole laundry basket has all of your,” mumbled John.
“You are talking back to me again! If you say one more word, i will kick you out of my house!”
“Mama built this house!” John whimpered while tears were coming out of his eyes, like a fountain of water.
“Don’t you dare bring up Mama in this conversation,” shouted Kevin, “Drop the laundry basket and go do your homework. You are absolutely no help around here.”
After those words came out of Kevin’s mouth, John ran to the attic, which was his room because Kevin did not want to give up having to share his room with his own son. John could seem to be selfish and spoiled, but all he wants is a normal life. A normal life with a father cheering you on. A normal life with a mother right there by your side. A normal life when you don’t have to do your own father’s chores. That is the life that John wants, not the kind of life that he...

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