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Jkala Essay

  • Submitted by: MROOOGLE
  • on September 4, 2013
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“At the heart of On the Waterfront is an exploration of how people are products of their environment.” Discuss.
The film ‘On the Waterfront,’ directed by Elia Kazan, explores a number of different characters’ personas and how they have been shaped in relation to their environment and the environment they grew up in. Contrasting individuals are Edie and Terry. There is Edie who has been brought up in a school with nuns and Terry, who has dealt with the corruption of ‘the mob’ his whole life. An authoritative figure on the Hoboken docks, Johnny Friendly is a clear victim of his harsh upbringing as is calculating criminal Charley Malloy who turned to a life of crime to survive. Father Barry struggles with the conflicting values of his Church and what is morally right for the longshoremen. He must choose to ignore the environment in which he is most in control to dive into and grapple with vulnerability in order to make a change. Kazan explores the idea that, while the individual is truly changed or developed by their environment, some people wind up far from living the fate their environment should have most likely directed them towards.
Edie, an innocent catholic school girl whose father works on the waterfront grew up in a world far away from the hustle and bustle of the Hoboken docks. Her environment was one containing strict guidelines ensuring that as a women in the 1950’s, she preserved the highest poise and uprightness. She is initially portrayed as a very conservative and somewhat shy girl that views everything as something she can fix, innocently stating ‘shouldn’t everybody care about everybody else?’ This conservative image is portrayed through what Edie wears and the manner in which she speaks. Her clothes cover her completely from the neck down and the gloves she wears represents the insecurity she feels. When she drops her glove it is clear the vulnerability she is conveying. When she takes it back, she is more comfortable and the mood lightens. There...

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  • Submitted by: MROOOGLE
  • on September 4, 2013
  • Category: College Admissions
  • Length: 1,364 words
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