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Jesus Of Nazareth Reflection Task Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on March 17, 2012
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Jesus of Nazareth Reflection Task
Reflection of the film:
After watching Jesus of Nazareth I felt really sad and I wanted to help others more than I used to. I thought that if anyone ever saw this movie they would definitely feel sad at the end. I also got to think about other people in the world of what they are like because some people don’t have what I have that they dreamt of having. Sometimes I can be really bossy at home and I never regret what I did but now after watching this movie it has made me change a lot of my bossiness. The film was really sad and a touching movie. Jesus in the movie helped many, many people in need that no one can do as much as he has and that was something I was stunned of cause no one has ever done what Jesus has done to other people. I would love to watch it over and over because it’s a real story and it makes you sad because it has happened like this. I am not a catholic but I found this movie really interesting. The Story of Jesus is the greatest story ever told. It is the true story of Jesus' life and death, what he did and what he taught. It is a story that calls us to respond to the question, "Who is Jesus?"
What happened in the story.........?
Mary's baby Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem. Three wise men visited him and each of them gave a gift to Jesus. The gifts were gold, incense and myrrh. A while later king Herald found out about the newborn king and ordered the soldiers to kill every male child of 2 years and under. As soon as they heard the news Joseph and Mary left to Egypt with the newborn baby. When Jesus was thirty years old Jesus met a man named john the Baptist who baptized him. After Jesus was baptized by john he chose 12 disciples to be his followers as well as students. Jesus knew that one of his followers has betrayed him. Jesus went to Jerusalem and had dinner with his followers. A while later Jesus went to mint of olives; a hill on the Easter side of Jerusalem and that was when he was captured...

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