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Jesus Christ And Witchcraft Essay

  • Submitted by: Kwallace2396
  • on March 18, 2012
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Jesus Christ and Witchcraft
In this life, everyone has something they value. For a lot of people, that value is religion. What is religion? Religion is the belief of a super figure with some sort of power, for example, Jesus Christ or Aphrodite. Jesus Christ is an important part of a religion called Christianity and Aphrodite is a part of a religion called Wicca. Christianity and Wicca contain many differences and similarities, like the origin, the Gods or Goddesses, the good or bad in people, their view of the afterlife, rituals, and guidelines.
Although Wicca was popularized in the 1960s, by Gerald Gardner, that does not mean it did not exist before that era. Archaeologists have found evidence that shows that Wicca has been practiced for over 2.5 million years. Some of this evidence is small statues made from stone or ivory of wooly mammoths that indicate women were central figures in religion. According to those archaeologists, “The Venus figurines represented the Great Provider, Mother Nature, or Mother Earth.” (Kallen 15). During agricultural times six thousand years ago, people had these figurines in their homes to bring them good fortune and fertility, while farmers took the figurines to their fields, in hopes for a good harvest. It was believed that these goddesses gave birth to all life on Earth, making worship extremely important during agricultural times. Even though the Goddess was viewed as good, she was considered the destructive force. Things like storms, droughts, disease, and death made people believe that the goddess held power of life and death. “Ritual sacrifices of animals-and sometimes humans-in her honor were often the centerpiece of religious ceremonies,” and were used to stop destructive forces. (Kallen 17). As these agricultural cities grew, the villagers built cities. Each city had their own queen who was kind of like a representation of their Goddess. However, peace was interrupted when barbarians raided the cities, changing the...

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