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Java vs .Net Essay

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When talking about software architecture, two systems come in mind: Java and .NET. These two programing environments are probably the largest in the world. Java was created by Sun Microsystems, and it is a set of programs and standards established buy the company before it was bought by Oracle Corporation. As for .NET, it is a Micorsoft.NET Framework developed to execute applications on Window-based client and server operating systems. Both goals of each platform is to simplify the development of applications by utilizing sets of standard, modular components, and services. Below is a small comparison of Java and .NET.
• Run on multiple Operating Systems (OS)
• Uses Java Virtual Memory (JVM) runtime
• Server Components is Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs)
• Has over   50 languages
• Web Service Support as an add-on features
• Runs on Windows OS
• Uses common language runtime Common Runtime Language (CLR)
• Uses system Extensible Markup Language (XML)
• ASP.NET is there Web Server
Although these two platforms are similar is some ways, much of each platform’s internal workings of framework are different. One big difference between the .NET and Java is that Java bases the idea that its software should be able to run on many, if not all, different types of computers, mobile devices, tablets and other devices connected to a network. As for .NET’s framework, its applications are target only to the Window’s Operating System. Second, the .NET framework does not use third party vendors to provide implementation because its products are developed by Microsoft and it is proprietary. Java, on the other hand, is an open source platform that many vendors can distribute over other open source systems.
Advantages also exist between the frameworks of these platforms. Advantages of .NET include:
• Everything comes from one vendor and most of the tools are provided by Microsoft Development Network (MSDN).  
• Includes base class library
• It supports...

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