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Japan Essay

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The implications   on   japan’s   economy after the tsunami and earthquake of   2011.
The earthquake off the coast of Japan was one of the biggest recorded, measuring 9 on ritcher scale. It was resulting tsunami that caused the most destruction. It devasted the northeast of Japan leaving many of the thousands dead or missing and hundreds of thousands were either homeless or evacuated from the area. In additional various power generators also failed. Some older nuclear power stations risked meltdown and suffered explosives and also few radioactive leaks. The workers had to battle for weeks to get the situation under control. Japan has had its major losses in terms of physical and human capital. To add to the chaos, radiation contamination was added to their concerns. It was due to the earthquake followed by the immense tsunami that caused a number of nuclear accidents , primarily the nuclear meltdown at the three reactors, due to the crippling of the cooling systems, in Fukushima Daichii Nuclear Power Plant Complex and associated evacuation zones affecting thousands of residents. The radioactive leak spewed the particles into air for days contaminating the surrounding countryside and even made its way to Europe. It was also rated that the Fukushima daichii nuclear power plant was one of the most hazardous nuclear facility due to the amount of exposure of radiation to the workers and also been rated as one of the five worst nuclear plants in the world between 2004 and 2008. The Fukushima nuclear plant disaster has spread awareness regarding the regulatory failure in terms of nuclear safety which might be vulnerable to the natural risk. Also due to the nuclear disaster the global oil prices fell initially, economists pointed out that there might be pressure on the oil prices increasing after the nuclear disaster. Japan provides nearly 40% of the technology components worldwide. Also the operations might have been disrupted due to Japan’s contribution of electronic...

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