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Jane Tompkins Essay

  • Submitted by: bhaktip
  • on February 26, 2014
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                                                                            The truth
My problems presupposed that I couldn’t judge because I didn’t know what the facts were. All I had, or could have, was series of different perspective, and so nothing that would count as an authoritative source on which moral judgments could be based. [Tompkins 686]
These words come from Jane Tompkins essay “Indians”: Textualism, Morality, and the problem of history and I am learning the importance of finding the answer that best suites the questions that I find when   reading the different works from different perspectives. It concerns the different point of view makes from people who are giving accounts of event s whether first or second hand. The difference in point of view leads me to Tompkins main point of discussion: “what is the truth?” There are many different point of views and from this views is to find which one is the true one. Jane Tompkins tries to locate the “truth” of the Puritan-Native Americans encounter in North America. Jane Tompkins collects many historical events and accounts of the Puritan-American and she compared them with each other. Tompkins discusses this problem by its relation of 17th and 18th century in doing so she shows the primary materials about the background of Puritans-Americans. She started telling us this by taking historical events taken by the some of historians like Perry Miller, Francis Jennings, and Calvin Martin but at that point she got confused by the divergent views of the colonial history provided by them and therefore started looking at some of the firsthand accounts and some scholars looking at these accounts. She was trying to responding to the problem of finding the truth in it.She tries to make her Research look objective. All this kind of research that   she laid down show how systematically she is like the way she draws attentation of her Readers by her...

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