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Iwt1 Task 1 Essay

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  • on August 30, 2013
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Fundamental Concepts, Methods, & Modes In The Humanities IWT1 Task 1 Name Western Governors University Student ID # XXXXXXXXX

Two art eras that have strong similarities are the Classical and the Renaissance art periods. While both art eras have distinctive characteristics of style brought on by contributions of social conditions, there are several characteristics within the context of the arts and humanities that show strong similarities between the two historical art periods. This essay will describe style and social conditions for each art era, show the relationship between the two art periods and show the influence that the latter historical art period, Renaissance era, had on the art world. Classical art had its genesis with the Romans and Greeks. Greek art had a strong focus on the human form and used the concept of balanced harmony through the use of geometric concepts, which allowed for symmetry and proportionality in their art and architecture. Evidence of proportionality and the concept of geometric harmony can be found when viewing the Parthenon. Roman art focused on perpetuating the greatness of the Roman Empire. Focus of Imperial themes, heroism and the greatness of military victory can be seen in the art work and architectural designs and themes used throughout the empire as ornamentation on governmental buildings and public meeting places such as the Coliseum. This era also pioneered the use of landscape in paintings, which is a concept that influenced art periods following this specific historical art era (Rachels, J. & Rachels, S., 2007). According to Rachels & Rachels (2007), “Much of Roman art borrows from Greek culture and from the Romans' predecessor, the Etruscans.” Additionally Rachels & Rachels (2007) state, “For the Greeks, art and architecture served to promote religion, present beauty, and glorify the society, especially in Athens.” The Renaissance art period existed in the late 13th to the early 17th centuries. This historical art era...

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