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It Started Out with Just a Kiss Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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It Started Out with Just a Kiss


    “It started out with just a kiss”, I’m sure you’ve heard

that many times through out your life in movies, songs, from

our friends stories or maybe it is something you have

experienced yourself. As we all know if it wasn’t for a kiss

Sleeping Beauty would have never woke up! It’s hard to believe

something so powerful is not the real reason we have lips. Lips

technically were not built for kissing. Lips may have been

evolved for eating first and then later applied to speech. Over

evolution the kiss was created.


    Many scientists, professors, and students have done and

continue to do many studies on the evolution of kissing.

Figuring out why we kiss, the way we kiss, the chemicals that

are released in our brains when we kiss and how just one kiss

can determine a potential relationship.

    It is theorized that kissing may have evolved from the act

in which primate mothers would chew up food for their young and

fed them mouth to mouth with their lips puckered.

    Pheromones may have been the reason that sped up the

evolution of the intimate kiss. Many plants, insects and

animals use pheromones to communicate with other members of the
same species as most of them emit pheromones to signal alarms

such as a trail to food or to alert danger. Most animals like

rats and pigs that sense pheromones have a vomeronasal organ

which is something humans do not have. Because humans don’t

have that special organ it makes it controversial that humans

do not sense pheromones, (“Sex and the Secret Nerve,” by R.

Douglas Fields; Scientific American Mind, February/March 2007)

though there is a huge market for fragrances that are meant to

bring our pheromones out to attract potential mates must mean

that there must be something true about humans sensing


  If there were no such thing as...

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