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It 240 Week 2 Check Point Essay

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Below is an essay on "It 240 Week 2 Check Point" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

|Term                                       |Definition                                                                           |
|Physical layer                             |(Layer 1) Is the electrical and mechanical aspects of the interface between the     |
|                                           |devices and the connection cable.                                                   |
|Data link layer                             |(Layer 2) is the software that is responsible for managing traffic between devices   |
|                                           |across a link                                                                       |
|Network layer                               |(Layer 3) is responsible for managing data and transporting the information to their|
|                                           |destination                                                                         |
|Transport layer                             |(Layer 4) maintains the end-to-end integrity and the session                         |
|Session layer                               |(Layer 5) performs the functions establishing, maintaining, coordinating, and       |
|                                           |terminating data from end-to-end                                                     |
|Presentation layer                         |(Layer 6) performs the functions related to data format and display (fonts, tabs,   |
|                                           |and line breaks) code and code conversion (html),   and text compression and         |
|                                           |decompression (winzip), and encryptions                                             |
|Application layer                           |(Layer 7) provides support services for the user and application tasks such as file |
|                                           |transfers, graphics, documents, and messaging services.                             |

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