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It 210 Appendix B Essay

  • Submitted by: ohiomarine79
  • on June 21, 2014
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Associate Program Material
Appendix B

Input and Output Process Example

The following example explains how to write a program that calculates the cost of painting a room. If the user provides the price of a gallon of paint; the number of square feet one gallon of paint covers; and the length, height, and width of the room, you can calculate the total cost of painting the room.

To calculate the total cost, determine the room area and divide the area to be painted by the number of square feet one gallon of paint covers. Then, multiply the number of gallons needed by the price per gallon to find the total cost. Provide the total cost to the user.

The following chart illustrates the data input and output process:
|Input                                                 |Process                       |Output                                                 |
|Price   11.99                                         |Get user input.               |Price 11.99                                             |
|Square feet per gallon   350                           |Cost-per-gallon=11.99*gallons |Square feet per gallon 350                             |
|Width 100                                             |                               |Width 100                                               |
|Length 250                                             |                               |Length 250                                             |
|Height 84_inches                                       |                               |Height 84_inches                                       |
|Length 250                                             |Find room area.               |Total area 1750 square feet                             |
|Height 84_inches                                       |7*250=1750                     |                                                       |
|Width 100                                             |                               |...

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