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Issue Proposal Essay

  • Submitted by: zeus100
  • on March 17, 2012
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Miguel Ortiz
Professor Kinkead
English 1301
1 Nov. 2011

Awareness of Bullying in Schools

There has to be a reason why there’s so much bullying in schools not just in the U.S. but in the world. Bullying has caused the victims to drop out of school or even worse, commit suicide. Some claim that bullies only pick on small people because they have lost a relative etc. or they were picked on too at some point in their lives and want other s to feel their pain. Is bullying necessary to relieve the pain we suffered? Is bullying worth the attention of others or being popular?
I ‘am interested in the awareness of bullying in schools because, like many people I was picked on when I was a kid. I was stressed since I didn’t know how to solve this problem but I remembered the way I was raised and that was to “stand up to my fears.” By standing up to my bully and giving him a punch in the face we ended up being friends at the end. But that option does not always work on everybody.
I know that bullying is everywhere around the world. I have never seen a school without bullies causing havoc to smaller kids. The image of bullying has appeared in many lawsuits, newspaper, commercial and meetings. Since now were living in a different time bullies now a days could end up hurting the victim more or kill him/her if they try to fight them like I did or if they tell a grown up. The thing I don’t understand is why they will commit suicide, its hard going to school and get hurt but at the end the victim will become superior and the bullying will be a weightless step.
I need to do more research on how all the different ways bullying is caused because not all bullies are the same; some do it for the satisfaction on hurting others or just to grab attention to be popular in school. I would like to explore pervasiveness of every school internationally and compare it to the schools in the U.S. I would like to seek out some solutions and stop bullying once and for all so I can make...

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