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Israeli vs Palestine Essay

  • Submitted by: AmandaDennis
  • on March 25, 2014
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Since the project was to be based on the effect war has on civilians, we have chosen to do an ongoing conflict to strengthen our knowledge and awareness of how war still affects the lives of people today. We have chosen the Palestinian and Israeli conflict to bring to light the struggles of the Palestinian refugees, and the current discrimination and violence seen from both sides. In order to understand why the current lifestyle of the civilians is the way it is, we must first recognize the origins of the conflict.
For many years, Palestine was a relatively peaceful country with a multicultural base, which was around 86 percent Muslim, 10 percent Christian, and 4 percent Jewish.   It was not until the introduction of the immigration of the Zionists in the 1800s that created a problem. The Zionist people are an extremist minority of the Jewish people who believed that the Jewish people deserved a homeland. After searching in Africa and the Americas, they came to Palestine hoping to claim their, as they saw it, rightful land. At first, it was minimal immigration, so their fight for the land was brushed off, but as Hitler had risen to power and the Jewish people tried to escape for safety, the numbers of Jewish people entering Palestine became overpowering and the tension had risen.
The conflict continued to grow, and the UN finally decided to mediate, and created the Partition Plan. Though the thought of the UN intervening should have brought comfort, it had even greater consequences, since it was an outside source. Its plan was to give 55% of Palestine to become Israel, though the Jewish people only made up 30% of the population and at that point only owned 7% of the land. This resulted in the 1947 to 1949 war between the Zionists and the surrounding Arab countries.
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In these battles, the Zionists outnumbered the Arab forces and Palestinians. None of the battles were fought on Israeli land, they fought on land that was a part of...

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