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Is the Internet Making Us Dumber Essay

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ENG 111-83N

How is the Internet Changing the Way we think?
The Internet is redefining our way of life as we know it. Nothing has given a user more freedom in our modern time. It has become our communication to the world, allowing us to have endless amounts of information at just a few clicks of the mouse. From world news to cooking recipes, there are no limitations. But with all that freedom lies a very large question, how is the Internet changing the way we think?
There is an ongoing debate going on with the Internet, I often sit back and think to myself, what effects the Internet has on us? We will look at two authors, Nicholas Carr and Clay Shirky. As well as two of their articles, Carr’s “Does the Internet make you Dumber” and Clay Shirky’s “Does the Internet make you Smarter? Nicholas Carr holds a masters degree for Harvard University and has written several articles on the negative effects the Internet has on our brain. He seems to be very contemptuous towards the web. While Shirky, a Yale graduate, has wrote several articles about the positive effects the Internet has to offer. He has represented the Internet as the answer to all of society's worries. In both these articles both writers provide very convincing evidence weather on how the Internet is making us more brilliant or is it turning us brainless.
                In Nicholas Carr’s Article “Does the Internet Make You Dumber?” he argues the fact that the Internet indeed does make you “dumber,” almost scaring its reader to stay away from web usage. He takes a more scientific approach talking about how the Internet allows us to have a mass amount of information at any time, but with all that info comes distractions. He goes on about how those distractions hurt our mental thinking. That much info turns us into careless individuals. We turn to the web for everything these days, Carr states research that people who are distracted over...

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