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Is Of Mice And Men a Perfect Book.Docx Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Steinbeck has written many novels during his life and one of his most famous ones have been ‘Of mice and Men’, where two friends fight for the struggle and fail to accomplish their deepest dreams. Any novel can be perfect since everyone’s idea of ‘perfect’ can be different; personally ‘Of mice and Men’ isn’t a perfect book.
My response towards the novel was that it was a novel, almost written like a play, as Steinbeck wrote it year later and adapted it into a play. This would work well as the entrances and exits of characters in the novel are some of the key moments in the novel and it would be very easy to stage as each chapter has just one specific location. Overall the novel is very balanced; it starts with life and dreams and ends death, from one extreme to the other.
Steinbeck uses many dramatic devices throughout the novel to make the novel more engrossing for the reader, one of the dramatic devices is foreshadowing to try and suggest what will happen, which is what you’d normally notice in some aspects of a play, as it all adds to the tension and unease. One example of Steinbeck using foreshadowing is when the girl in weed was wearing a red dress when Lennie grabbed her, just like Curley’s wife’s dress, this shows Lennie’s violence increasing throughout the novel in a deadly pattern, first of all it was dead mice; then a dead dog; crushed hand and then a dead girl.
Steinbeck also uses the setting and environment around him to try and present his novel as a ‘perfect book’, in the first chapter George tells Lennie to come back and ‘hide in the brush’, by the pool/brush if anything wrong happens at the ranch. It’s ironic where in fact this is the place where George shoots Lennie at the end of the novel, is killed in his sanctuary.

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