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Ipv6 Essay

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Why is IPv4 still in Existence?

1. Introduction
Internet and other private network uses IP addresses to communicate between peers. Today’s Internet is completely dominated by the IPv4 address scheme. The shortage of IPv4 address space was forecasted few years back and because of that many proposal emerged to keep the existence of IPv4 address alive. The deficiencies of IPv4 address emerged not only because of its shortage of address space and technical issues, but also due to some political differences involved in the distribution and allocation of the address.It focuses on the issues of IPv4 address allocation and distribution and also about the technical concerns which makes IPv4 addresses still in existence. Majority of IPv4 addresses are occupied by US and other European countries, while other countries in Asia and Africa were operating with only few class C address chunk. These IPv4 addresses were not effectively managed and distributed since majority of the address blocks were allocated to certain region. Most of the colleges and universities were allocated with majority of the IPv4 addresses and in most cases those addresses were kept idle. Moreover due to the emergence of 3G and also the advancement in the mobile technology there is more demand for huge address space. IPv4 is not in a position to support these technologies because of its lack of address space and because of this the whole world is forced to shift towards the new addressing scheme i.e. IPv6.

Application Area and Motivation

The provision of IPv4 to provide a maximum of 4.3 billion addresses was viewed to accommodate the internet world and other technologies. With the rapid development of the internet, there was a need for a greater number of IP addresses and that triggered the creation of the IPv6 addressing protocol.

Causes of IPv4 Exhaustion:

1. Mobile Devices: New specification of 4G devices requires only IPv6 addressing
2. Always on connection: Broadband...

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