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Invasive Species Essay

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Invasive species have been introduced to the US that have destroyed and have benefited the society. People have been introducing this species to the environment that cannot support these species habitats. Many rich people bring these species to the environment illiterate of their advantages and disadvantages to the native species. Businesses such as aquaculture, zoo and farming have caused significant changes to the environment by introducing alien species which are replacing the native species. Such native species are at the edge of extinction due to the alien species.
One of the crucial introduced species of mollusk is called the Zebra Mussel in the US. These mollusks were shipped across Lake St. Clair for business but did they know that they are going to introduce freshwater pests. After several years, the water line pipes used to get clogged because of the mollusks and now USA has to spend million of dollars trying to get rid of the mollusks in freshwater.
In 1991, the sea lampreys were also introduced to the Great Lakes by shipping conducted by normal citizens. Since, the sea lampreys consume trout as their primary source of food, the trout population the Great Lakes were radically diminishing. This is a negative impact because now USA has to spend more 12 million dollars trying to restore the sea trouts. In addition, the other marine animals that depended on sea trout as their source of food die out due to less number of prey populations. The introduction of these alien species has sent many of the animals to endanger and extinction list.
In the US, the Asian gypsy moth was introduced purposely. They caused the tress to fall down and greatly impacted the habitat of many other animals. Trees release oxygen and reduce pollutants in the air and since now there are very few trees, there is a less concentration of oxygen in that area and higher number of pollutants in the air.
As David Lodge said “Invasive aren’t like other forms of pollution. They don’t...

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