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Introduction to Organic and Inorganic Compounds Essay

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  Organic compounds are the complex compounds of carbon. Because carbon atoms bond to one another easily, the basis of most organic compounds is comprised of carbon chains that vary in length and shape. Hydrogen,nitrogen, and oxygen atoms are the most common atoms that are generally attached to the carbon atoms. Each carbon atom has 4 as its valence number which increases the complexity of the compounds that are formed. Since carbon atoms are able to create double and triple bonds with other atoms, it further also raises the likelihood for variation in the molecular make-up of organic compounds. All hydrocarbons are insoluble in water because of their relatively non-polarity and easily distribute. When hydrocarbons burn using oxygen, C02and H20 are the sole products. There are 2 large classes of Hydrocarbon namely: Unsaturated and Saturated hydrocarbons. Saturated Hydrocarbons are the simplest type of organic compounds in which all carbon-carbon bonds are single bonds. Example of Saturated Hydrocarbon is an alkane. On the other hand, Unsaturated Hydrocarbons contains one or more carbon-carbon multiple bonds like double bonds and triple bonds. These 2 classes have similar physical properties but differ in chemical properties. Miscibility is the property of liquids to mix in all proportions therefore forming a homogeneous solution. Flammability is the measure of the extent to which a material or a substance will support combustion. This is tested through ignition test. Vapor pressure is an important parameter in determining the ease of ignition of a substance or material. Substances are determined by the characteristics of their flame when they burn. Some compounds produces yellow, sooty flame due to their high carbon content. Some burn with flames that are yellow but less sooty. Infrared (IR) spectrometry gives additional information about a compound structure. In NMR spectrometry, the relationship of carbons and hydrogen to each other is...

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