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Interview Planning Lasa 1 Essay

  • Submitted by: merary25989
  • on February 26, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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Merary Castro
Interview Planning
Instructor Thorn
Argosy, Phoenix

Interviewing Planning
Studies have shown that people who suffer from chronic headaches may be experiencing sleep disturbances and can often be interchangeable. The client has contacted the therapist because she has been having persistent headaches and sleeping problems. The client has stated that she believes stress could be the cause of it; however the therapist must first conduct an interview to determine what the diagnosis would be. However, before asking any questions about the problem, the therapist must first make sure she goes over all the housekeeping such as; the informed consent, limits of confidentiality and then background information to have a complete picture of the client.   This is important because it gives input as to how the interview will take place.
The client is a 25 year old female. She is an American with an American/European ethnicity background. She was born and raised in Arizona all her life. She is a single mother employed as special needs teacher and currently attending school to furthermore her career. Her religious background has always been of a nondenominational Christian.
Identify and summarize the purpose of the interview.   How will the information gathered be used?
The client is suffering persistent headaches and sleeping problems that can be caused by a variety of different things. Therefore, the purpose of the interview is to gather in-depth information to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning for the client. The information gathered will be used to determine if the problem is an illness, psychological, emotional condition or a combination of two or more of the mentioned causes. This will determine what kind of treatment will the client need and if it really is caused by stress, as the client has stated.
Explain how the interview will be structures and reasoning behind the structuring of the interview. Include a list of topics to cover....

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