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Interracial Relationships Essay

  • Submitted by: jhendrix130011
  • on August 28, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Interracial Dating

Why did God make people a certain color? I honestly do not know.   In my own opinion, I think people were made different colors to separate races.   Interracial dating is something that has exploded in the past decade.   I honestly do not have a problem with interracial dating.   I think we should make the world a universal race.
When someone says interracial relationship, what do you think of? Most people, including myself, think of a black person dating a white person. There are actually several different interracial relationships.   Many countries, including America, have expanded greatly due to interracial relationships. When the Europeans came over to settle America, they had many interracial relationships with the Indians.  
When most people say “interracial” they think a white person dating a black person.   Even though that is the most common interracial relationship that I see, there are many more.   I am actually in an interracial relationship right now.   My girlfriend is half Korean and half American.  
I think interracial relationships are looked down upon much more in the south than in the north.   I think because of slavery in the south, most white people do not agree with the idea of a white person dating a black person.   I do not have any problem with that type of relationship, or any other interracial relationship.   I think you should be with whoever makes you happy, despite color or race.  
There is one thing that bothers me about interracial relationships, especially when one of the partners is of a different color.   Whenever they have a kid, society will mentally abuse that child.   There will always be racist children who look down upon that child.
Even though I do not have a problem with interracial dating, many people in my home town do.   I come from a very small country town.   The school I was brought up in was completely segregated.   I, being a white person, went to the private school in my town.   Majority of the...

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