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Interpersonal Relationship Essay

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Falling in love is a good feeling, but how do you know if the person is right. Finding that special someone is not easy. I thought many times that I had found the perfect one for me until I made nonverbal communication with the men of my life. You first have to meet that person, and then get to know everything about them. Find out how that person communicates, expresses feelings and how good they give you feedback and listener. Being in love or being in a relationship requires communication.
As I remember, it was the year of 2004. I had graduated from high school and was to live life. It was State Fair season in Texas, my girls and I chose to go out and have fun. We pull up to our first location; a group of people was watching us as we walked to the crowd. I could feel that someone was trying to get my attention.   My thing is we would sit and try to make contact with a person besides speaking I started to ignore the fact that he was trying to make eye contact with me. I read in book Communicating Effectively, chp.6 pg. 136. “Women maintain a gaze longer, but they are less likely than men to at someone – they break eye contact more frequently than men.   When he noticed that I broke the nonverbal conversation he was trying to make, he walked over and asked my friend that he knew omit since childhood my name. I noticed that so I walked over, I looked at him as if I wanted to rip his clothes off. That gave him the idea that I was interested.   We smile and I smiled back. He continued the conversation with his old childhood friend but the whole time he was having a nonverbal conversation with me.
Communication is the most critical component of any relationship and equally one of the most difficult a task. Lunenburg and Ornstein (2004) characterize communication as the process involving the exchange of the information between the sender and receiver. (Lunenburg & Ornstein, 2004). While I rarely considered communication in terms describing, I have intentionally...

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