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Internet Censorship and Ict Firms Essay

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1. A delicate issue that the ICT firms are facing is the issue of security and privacy of citizens. By providing a privacy statement, the firms promise to protect users’ personal information and respect their privacy. However there have been many examples where companies have leaked personal information to governments or even to other commercial companies as a means to earn money. This of course in turn will hurt the company’s reputation as well as the trust that previously existed between the firm and its users.
Governments in authoritarian regimes control what information Internet users can access to through Internet. Stability of such regimes is threatened by freedom of expression and access to information of Internet users. As an example consider the Arab spring that initiated in Tunisia and Egypt where the social media was a huge contributing factor. The citizens exercised their freedom by using social media and as we saw it led to demolition of the regime. And that’s exactly what governments like China and Syria are scared of. Nonetheless, this is an ethical Dilemma for ICT firms. They need to decide whether to protect human rights or profitability of the firm.   Of course either one has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Another issue that has received much attention globally is ICT firms’ use of surveillance tools to spy on users. Although such acts have been deemed legal in some countries, it is still considered an ethical dilemma for firms, because they still need to adhere to their privacy statements where they promise their users confidentiality of their information. For this reason ICT firms need to come up with a solution where they are not violating their users’ right and freedom and still within legal boundaries created by the governments.
2. Before the GNI was created, ICT firms used a method that lacked a collective vision in dealing with such issues. When facing such issues, firms had to consider two things. On the one hand they need to...

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