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Internalisation Essay

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Motives and Consequences


Teerayut Wattanasupachoke*, Ph.D.


In recent decades, the global business environment has been growing dramatically. We are living in a more-than-ever-interdependent world. Many firms involve in the process of internationalisation, engaging their operations   outside   the   boundary   of their home country.   The level of involvement of firms in international process can be specified by different types of foreign market entry modes ranging from import/export, contractual and investment entry modes. Import and export entry modes are the traditional form of international activities of firms. International licensing and franchising are the   example   of   contractual   entry modes.

Firms can undergo international operations by investment entry modes. These entail joint ventures, consisting of contractual operations, equity joint-venture and strategic alliance, and sole ventures or the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary

The advanced technological change, trade liberalisation and intensified international competition are the factors that facilitate and drive such   process   of   economic   activities. Yet, it is not sufficient to explain the reason why firms decide to operate their activities abroad. As the business environment has increased in uncertainty and complexity, firms must immediately recognise the critical changes and respond to them rapidly to
survive in the   industry.   It   is   generally   accepted that the first and the most important motive of the businesses in the capitalism economy is the profit maximisation by either increasing the revenue or decreasing the cost of production. In the face of an globally increasing competition, firms not only compete with the rivals in home countries but also the international competitors.   Therefore,   the   pursuit   of   global   profit   becomes   the   key motive of the enterprises (Dicken; 1992). Every activity of...

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