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Intercultural Communication Essay

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Course: Intercultural Communication—Case Studies
Textbook: Self-compiled handouts

Objectives: This curricular module prompts students with the salient issues related to intercultural
communication (1CC). Its main focus is on discussions of major problems arising from ICC. During the course the students are exposed to a large variety of cases, taken from up-to-date documents. The goal is not only to build up students' knowledge of ICC, but more importantly to increase their cross-cultural awareness. The course intends to be instructive, practical and enjoyable. At the end of this course, the students will be able to
  1. deepen their understanding of major ICC principles;
  2. become familiar with differences in Chinese and American cultures;
  3. experience conflicts and controversies in ICC;
  4. enhance their abilities to analyze ICC phenomena;
  5. improve their ICC competence.

Topic Areas:
Values: 1. Friendship         2. Ethics               3. Individualism & self-reliance
      4. Privacy           5. Equality             6. Attributes
      7. Time & space       8. Competition & cooperation   9. Volunterism & philanthropy

Daily life: 1. Lifestyle         2. Family & marriage       3. Entertainment
        4. Holidays & travel   5. Art & architecture       6. Science & technology

Social life: I. Education       2. Religion                 3. Political systems & law
        4. Minorities       5. Prejudices &stereotyping   6. Building bridges

The students will have one assignment for this course. The assignment should center on one of the particular ICC issues covered in the course. They are supposed to address the topic on the basis of theoretical analysis applying the knowledge, principles, as well as strategies obtained during the course. The assignment should run approximately ten pages long, with an abstract, key words and
a list of references in the APA format. It must be double-spaced, using Times New Roman (12).


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