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Insurance Matrix Essay

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Insurance Matrix

|Type of Insurance           |Functions                                             |Example of Company                                     |Coverage Characteristics                               |
|Auto                       |Car insurance provides protection to the driver when   |There are many Auto Insurance companies. Among them   |Liability Insurance provides coverage to the named     |
|                           |it comes to an auto accident or damage caused by a     |are Allstate, Geico, Progressive, Esurance, State     |insured and others that are included on the policy at |
|                           |variety of other things. When someone purchases an     |Farm, and The General.                                 |the policy owner’s consent for negligent acts while   |
|                           |insurance policy, they are assured that the insurance |                                                       |operating the insured vehicle. This insurance covers   |
|                           |company will protect their best interests. This       |                                                       |only the damages done to the other vehicle in the     |
|                           |includes compensating the policyholder in the event   |                                                       |incident and are made payable to a third party.       |
|                           |that the vehicle is involved in an incident within the|                                                       |Therefore, sometimes this insurance is referred to as |
|                           |coverage period.                                       |                                                       |“third party insurance”                               |
|                           |                                                       |                                                       |Uninsured Motorist insurance...

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