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Inside Job- Review

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While I usually truly dislike movie critics who engage in this type of hyperbole, sometimes you simply can't dodge the obvious truth. In this case, let me just say that if you want to see the documentary which WILL WIN the Oscar in this category for 2010, then go see Charles Ferguson's tantalizing "Inside Job." It is as intelligent as it is informative, provocative as it is profoundly entertaining.

"Inside Job" is a razor sharp cinematic essay on how Wall Street took America to the cleaners, single handedly causing what is known as the Great Recession solely because of its unbridled greed. Taking advantage of the deregulation mania that began with the Reagan Administration, the Robber Barons ensconced on Wall Street were able to recreate the worst excesses of the Gilded Age of the late 19th Century.

We were all played for patsies, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Democrats and Republicans alike sold out to Big Business, allowing the Titans of Commerce to literally police themselves. And they did so with predictable results.

Charles Ferguson has followed up his Oscar nominated documentary "No End in Sight" (2007), a piercing examination of how our country stumbled into our war with Iraq, with this astounding political gem that places him firmly at the forefront of documentary film-makers. Unlike the pompous Michael Moore, he does not mar his films with a personal need to be seen. He is content to hide behind the camera's lens, and his films are all the better for it.

The genius of "Inside Job" is that it allows the very people who were responsible for our latest economic disaster to hang themselves by their own hand. Ferguson somehow entices corporate executives and their paid academic whores to be interviewed on screen, which allows them to dangle in the wind as they make a mockery of themselves.

As an aside, I am convinced that much of the anger in this country as reflected by the recent national elections flows from the fact that our...

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