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Innovation Essay

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Innovation in T urbulent Times
by Darrell K. Rigby, Kara Gruver, and James Allen
INNOVATION IS A MESSY PROCESS – hard to measure and hard to manage. Most people recognize it only when it generates a surge in growth. When revenues and earnings decline during a recession, executives often conclude that their innovation efforts just aren’t worth it. Maybe innovation isn’t so important after all, they think. Maybe our teams have lost their touch. Better to focus on the tried and true than to waste money on untested ideas. The contrary view, of course, is that innovation is both a vaccine against market slowdowns and an elixir that rejuvenates growth. Imagine how much better off General Motors might be today if the company had matched the pace of innovation set by Honda or Toyota. Imagine how much worse off Apple would be had it not created the iPod, iTunes, and the iPhone. But when times are hard, companies grow

When resources are constrained, the key to growth is pairing an analytic left-brain thinker with an imaginative right-brain partner.
Shonagh Rae



June 2009


Harvard Business Review 79

Innovation in Turbulent Times

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