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Info Tech Essay

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Below is an essay on "Info Tech" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1. Answer the following Chapter 4 Review Questions:

      4.1. A __A.__ in effect takes a snapshot of the current security of the organization.
|a.   |threat analysis                                           |c.   |vulnerability appraisal                                   |
|b.   |risk assessment                                           |d.   |threat assessment                                         |

      4.2. The __C.__ is the expected monetary loss every time a risk occurs.
|a.   |ALE                                                       |c.   |SLE                                                       |
|b.   |ARO                                                       |d.   |SRE                                                       |

      4.3. A __C. __ outlines the major security considerations for a system and becomes the starting point for solid security.
|a.   |Profile                                                   |c.   |baseline                                                 |
|b.   |Threat                                                   |d.   |control                                                   |

      4.4. The _C.___ for software is the code that can be executed by unauthorized users.
|a.   |vulnerability surface                                     |c.   |attack surface                                           |
|b.   |risk profile                                             |d.   |input surface                                             |

      4.5 When performing a vulnerability assessment, many organizations use _A.___ software to search a system for any port vulnerabilities.
|a.   |port scanner                                             |c.   |threat scanner                                           |
|b.   |vulnerability profiler                                   |d.   |application profiler                                     |

      4.6 A(n) ___C. _ means that the application or service assigned to that...

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