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Influences on Society Essay

  • Submitted by: kaitlynkay
  • on March 25, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Does violence in video games and on television make people in society more violent and cause negative effects on them? This has been an ongoing debate for almost two decades. A new study found that the violence in these games and programs are not an important factor in real life violence. Instead, real life violence depends on how people were raised and the genetics that were handed down to them (Soave. N.p.). The issue of television violence and whether or not it has effects on society is such a controversial issue. Some people believe that violence shown on television programs can bring out the violent side in viewers while others argue that violent programs are on so much now that it is accepted as simply entertainment and nothing else. It has been found that the correlation between video games and programs and violence can be interpreted by violent youth being drawn to violent games and shows. It is not the shows and games causing the violence, it is the people prone to violence looking for violent entertainment (Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence? N.p.). We cannot blame these games and television programs for people’s violence. It all goes back to how someone is brought up and what kind of environment they are exposed to. Real life experiences are what cause real life violence.
Since the 1950s, the beginning of television, the government has been worried about the effects that violence on television would have on viewers. The government hoped that when television started it would only be used to educate those who watched. Not many people had television sets then and most of the shows were comedies, quiz shows, or shows about heroes who always beat out evil. In 1950, ten percent of households had televisions. By 1999, ninety-eight percent of households now had televisions (Cornstock and Scharrer, 7). In the 1960s it all changed. Fifty million people now had television sets in their homes and it was a very rebellious time period. Violence was...

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