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Influences of Human Behavior Essay

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  • on August 27, 2013
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Influences of Environment on Behavior Essay

Heather Darlene Jorgenson

Kaplan University

Influences of Environment on Behavior
LeRoy Karas’ in high school excelled in sports and received a football scholarship to attend college. He started drinking and smoking around the age 17. He spent most of his time partying, rarely studying. Once his football eligibility ended he dropped out of college. He continued drinking and began working as a construction worker. He has been married and divorced twice and has fathered six children. His doctor informed him of his failing health which includes cirrhosis of the liver and a form of emphysema. Injuries sustained from falling while intoxicated has permanently damaged his ability to walk and talk. LeRoy is confined to a nursing home where he is not allowed to drink or smoke. He has no friends or visitors. The only contact with family is the occasional card from his brother Elroy. LeRoy is very unhappy and angry and often is difficult for the staff who cares for him.
The strongest influences of this behavior based on the eco-map I created show that LeRoy became involved with drinking and smoking at a young age and continued into adulthood in turn causing severe health problems. LeRoy became depressed after his sports eligibility ended and he no longer was the envy of others. He had trouble finding work which also contributed to his feeling like a failure. He married and had three children with Rachel Rudow. LeRoy was physically violent during this relationship and spent much of his time partying with guys he worked with. Rachel and the children left LeRoy after seven years. LeRoy fathered another child after the divorce with Rachel and was required to pay child support. At the age of 39 he married a young girl Jane who was 20 years old. They had two children together. LeRoy still continued to drink and was physically violent in this relationship also. After six years of marriage Jane filed for divorce.
LeRoy has a...

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