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Inf103 Essay

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A Brief Reflection
INF 103
June 13, 2012

A Brief Reflection
Searching for information on Google is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.   Is this true?   Was the library of the 19th century more efficient?
There have been many times that I feel like searching for information on Google is just like finding a needle in a haystack.   “Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded the company in 1998 and called it “Google” because of the name’s similarity to the mathematical term googol (a number that has a one followed by 100 zeros).” (Bowles, 2010, section 6.4, para. 2)   They chose this name to make a point that there is a vast amount of information on the internet.   They wanted to find a better way to search and find information on the web.   They definitely succeeded because Google is the largest search engine that is used all over the world.   Google has been extremely successful and has created things such as Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Scholar, Google Maps, etc.   I believe Google is easier to use as long as you enter the right amount of words for your search.   If you just type in one word, you will get a large amount of search results that contain that one world you typed.   Using something like the Boolean System may help lower your search results.   I have even typed in my exact question and have found the answer that I’m looking for.   You definitely might be able to lower the amount of hay in you haystack, if you word your searches differently.  
The library of the 19th century was efficient for its time.   Information was growing rapidly during that time.   Scientists were falling behind because they had no real way to catalog and search for information.   Paul Otlet designed a way to locate information called “The Belgian House of Cards”.   Unfortunately, this design did not last long, maybe until the 1940’s but the people running the “House of Cards” were efficient and knowledgeable to get you the information as quick as they could.   I don’t believe that this...

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