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Industrial Revolution Essay

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Wehan Kirsten
Electrical Engineering: 1st Year

Industrial Revolution: How did it affect modern engineering
Industrial Revolution: How did it affect modern engineering?

The Industrial Revolution, which took place between the 1790s and the 1860s, laid the foundation for modern technology. Some of the ideas that came to light during this time are still applicable today. Some would argue that the invention of the steam engine was the cause of the Industrial Revolution, but that would be like saying that an airplane’s wings causes it to fly. Although the airplane would not be able to fly without its wings, without the pilot, its wheels and numerous other factors, it would most certainly not be able take to the air. The steam engine, along with the rise of market capitalism, the clock and changes in the peoples culture itself are all factors which led to the Industrial Revolution.

The steam engine played a major role in the Industrial Revolution, especially the mining industry. It was initially used to pump water from mines, but soon came improvements on the engine and people started using it as blast furnaces, to power mill machinery as well as transport in the form of the steamtrain. This groundbreaking invention opened eyes to a new way of doing things. It rapidly accelerated the industrialising world’s development through, for instance, by making use of the engine to pump water.   This meant that mines could now go deeper than ever before imagined. This one single innovation created new opportunities in various fields and set new standards across the board.

During the Industrial Revolution the iron industry grew by leaps and bounds. With these new tools and techniques, it suddenly became much easier to produce and design new products. This fostered an environment where innovation was encouraged making people able to improve on the efficiency of therefore making our everyday lives even easier. Machinery could suddenly be built to produce...

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