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Inductive Reasoning Essay

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Inductive reasoning is a necessary tool for survival.
Inductive reasoning is the formation of general principles, conclusions and theories based on specific facts or observations. It must be noted that these observations in no way prove the conclusion to be true and in fact only conclude them to be probable.
For example, “all tigers we have seen in this region are orange with black stripes; therefore every tiger is orange with black stripes”. The conclusion that all tigers are orange with black stripes is based on the observed data. This conclusion has not been proven and there lies the possibility of finding a tiger that does not fit the theory (white tigers). It is therefore for possible for the premises to be accurate and the conclusion false.
In an article on inductive reasoning John Lucaites (2011) quoted “inductive reasoning is that in which we extrapolate from experience to further conclusions about what will happen. The assumption behind inductive reasoning is that known cases can provide information about unknown cases.”
Inductive reasoning is used as part of our everyday life in various situations. By using past experiences we are able to make educated guesses or conclusions regarding future events. For instance, on three occasions I touched the stove after cooking and I got burnt, reasonably I would conclude that after cooking today I could get burnt if I touched the stove.   Additionally, last Tuesday at 11 am I arrived at the bank and there was a long queue, generalizing I could conclude that every Tuesday at 11 am there is a long queue at the bank and opt to go on an alternative day. By realizing patterns based on our past experiences and observations we are able to predict the outcome of future events. This knowledge is necessary for our survival as it makes every day processes easier.  
Induction is a necessary tool in the discovery process. It allows us to take everyday observations and formulate probable theories and conclusions. These...

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