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Indochina Conflict Essay

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  • on June 21, 2014
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The Geneva Peace Agreement was extremely important to all of Vietnam because it dictated ways the country would be governed from 1954. The Geneva Accords were signed on the 21st of July 1954, and stated that Vietnam would be divided into North Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh-Communist) and South Vietnam (Democracy- Diem) at the 17th parallel and that the ‘temporary’ division would allow 200 days for civilians to move between North and South. A verbal agreement was made that stated a nationwide election would be held in 1956, aiming to unite the North and South. The unreliability of this was made apparent when in 1956, South Vietnam refused the elections, and the US backed South Vietnam. Two Vietnams had emerged from the Geneva Conference, and America’s determination to prevent the spread of communism. It was President Eisenhower’s domino theory that caused them to support the South. This support was crucial to the events that followed the Geneva Conference, as America’s involvement caused the South to suffer as a consequence.

Ngo Dinh Diem was elected for President of South Vietnam in 1955, after employing military offensives, bribes and a rigged referendum against his opposition, he was already labelled as a corrupt president. The flood of 900 000 refugees, mostly Catholic, from North Vietnam, and America’s support, receiving $322 million in aid, and his officers being trained by Americans, caused him to be extremely confident in his abilities and that he had secure his position as president of South Vietnam. He appointed key positions to members of his family, promoted military positions based on loyalty rather than merit and favoured Catholics. His reforms were harsh, and caused more enemies than supporters; his land reforms causing peasants to be evicted; and his “fortified hamlets” adding to this displacement. His insecurity and suspicion of the North Vietnamese led to his strict policy against communist supporters. Up to 150 000 political prisoners were held by...

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