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In the Mood for Love Essay

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  • on June 24, 2014
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In the Mood for Love
‘In the Mood for Love’ was filmed in Hong Kong, 2000 directed by Wong Kar Wai who is romanticism movie-maker tries to capture the reality of Hong Kong of the each moments (Bordwell,2010). The background of film is 1960’s to 1970’s Hong Kong, and the famous Hong Kong actor and actress, Tony Chiu Wai Leung and Maggie Cheung were act the main role in the film (IMDb). The movie starts as two families move into one neighboring apartment in Hong Kong, 1962. Then the sad story begins by two main characters find out that their spouse having an affair to each other, and the main characters also fall in love to each other. Original meaning of the title in Chinese means the happiest moment in the life.
The relationship between plot and story
In the part of the film, the main characters, Su Li-Zhen and Chow Mo-Wan move into the same apartment next door on the same day by chance. Casually, spouses of both characters are leaving home frequently due to work or business trip; thereby they spend time alone commonly. They both started to feel lonely by staying alone and eating alone. Then, they find out each other’s spouses have the same bag and tie to theirs, so they doubt about their spouses affair; thus they started to have feeling which is compassion to each other and the story continues.  
The relationship between cause and effect
Overall, the movie describes the relationship between cause and effect clearly. First of all, the movie starts as two main character’s family move in to the same apartment as a neighbor on the same day (Cause). This coincidence gives them a chance to develop their relationships (Effect); thus it could be the begging of the next situation.
As it mentioned above, their spouses frequently empty the house (Cause), therefore they have chance to have the same feeling such as loneliness and the similar lifestyle patterns such as going to the same noodle place to have a meal by ones itself. It may them to run each other...

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