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Implementing Change Essay

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Implementing Change
Jessica Stroklund
August 19, 2013
Albert Gale

Implementing Change
Managers have several different roles within organizations, and with any organization, management has to be able to roll with the punches and be flexible with change.   A great manager can not only implement change but will invite change to create a more successful organization.   There is a specific set of roles and functions management must have in order to be a successful component within an organization, lacking in some of these key areas could be a devastating downfall to the success of change.
Management should know the organizations key reasons for change, this can help lead the team to understanding the need for change.   Managers should know the changes that are being requested and which areas are going to be affected by this change.   There are always unexpected flaws in any plan, managers should be able to adapt quickly to these unexpected items and bounce back.   Managers should understand the areas that are being affected, and more specifically why they require change in the first place.   Knowing these few key items will help implement the new standard and expedite the success of the changes.
With change, comes resistance.   Resistance from the organization, the staff, the consumers, but this change can be eased with the right managers.   Management should provide scripting for the staff to help them, help the consumer understand how these changes may impact them.   Prior to the consumer, management should prep their staff.   This can be done through staff meetings, training, communication, etc..   Staff can often times resist change because it is hard to implement new ideas once a system has been established.   Notifying the staff that a change is in the works and why there is a need for change are great things to prepare the staff prior to implementation.   Once a plan has been set for the changes that need to be made, staff should be trained on the new...

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