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Impacts of International Student on Institutions Essay

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The review was commissioned by the Ministry of Education to inform policy development and effective planning in the area of international education, particularly with respect to full fee-paying students. The review of international and local materials was directed to consider social, cultural and educational impacts of international students on domestic students and on secondary and tertiary educational institutions. Five key areas were identified for review:

What is the nature of the interaction and relationship between international and domestic students?
What is the nature of the interaction and relationships between international students and host communities?
What is the comparative usage of institutional support facilities by international and domestic students?
What is the impact of international students on teaching and learning?
What are the conditions under which positive benefits of internationalisation are likely to be realised?

The review commenced with the search of electronic data bases in education, sociology and psychology. This was supplemented by posting enquiries on the electronic communication networks of various professional organisations (such as the International Association for Cross-cultural Psychology and the International Academy of Intercultural Research), the search of various organisation web-sites (e.g., CRIE, DETYA), consultation with Ministry of Education staff, and personal contact with regional researchers. The report on Fostering Social Cohesion in Universities by Smart, Volet and Ang (2000) was particularly useful in preparing this review, and the author would like to thank Simone Volet (Murdoch University) for her suggestions of relevant resources and Neil Quintrell (formerly of Flinders University) for comments on peer-pairing programmes. The summary and the interpretation of research findings, however, should only be attributed to the author.

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